Salanganes’Nest is mainly produced in Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Hainan Island (China). In which, Indonesia and Malaysia are the two largest suppliers of bird’s nest in the world, accounting for 70% and 20% respectively. Thailand ranks 3rd in production with 7% of world production of bird’s nest. The rest belongs to Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines…

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?

According to the Vietnam Salanganes Nest Association, the profession of exploiting bird’s nests has existed for a long time in Vietnam. See more about the history of bird’s nest in Nha Trang Khanh Hoa here. There are 84 species of swiftlets. In Vietnam, there are two common species of bird’s nest, the mountain swift and the row nest. Mountain bird’s nest is made of saliva and feathers, inedible. The bird’s nest is made entirely of saliva and is edible.

The beginning was just harvesting bird’s nests on dangerous cliffs in deserted islands; Later, when swiftlets were discovered nesting in old houses, the profession of raising oats in the house was established and is developing in many provinces and cities, mainly in the South and starting to spread to the North.

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Bird’s nest is not only a high-class food but also used more and more in the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Global trade in bird’s nest products is about 6 billion USD/year. In which, the main markets are China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore (other places with a concentration of people of Chinese origin).

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?

If Indonesia started with the bird’s nest industry in the 1900s, then Vietnam began to participate in this market more than 10 years ago from 2008. The quality of Vietnam’s bird’s nest is highly appreciated, but the output of bird’s nest is high. of Vietnam is relatively low, only 10 tons/year, compared with 100 tons of Indonesia and 60 to 70 tons of Malaysia and Thailand.

Hong Kong and Singapore are famous markets for bird’s nest consumption, but China is the world’s largest market for bird’s nest. And Malaysian and Indonesian businesses are dominating the game here. The main reason comes from the scandal of fake bird’s nest imported into China since 2011 causing China to more strictly censor the quality of bird’s nest imported into its country. Malaysia is a country that meets the conditions for importing bird’s nests through official channels into China. (See more about Salanganes’Nest from other countries here)

80% of the bird’s nests imported into China come from Indonesia. Since the Qing Dynasty came to power in China, most Chinese people eat bird’s nest to maintain their health. Currently “white gold” is listed as one of the most popular dishes among Chinese restaurants. In addition to medicine and food, bird’s nest is also used as an ingredient for cosmetics and other skin care products. In Beijing, a gram of bird’s nest costs 180 yuan (60 thousand rupiah). Most Chinese people like the bird’s nest imported from Indonesia, because of the good quality of the product.

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Currently, many swiftlet farming areas in Indonesia and Malaysia have slowed down, because the source of natural insect production as bait for the swiftlets has been depleted. This trend is not excluded from Vietnam. The evidence shows that the output of Khanh Hoa Salanganes’Nest Company in the financial statements from 2015 to 2017 witnessed a decrease. To explain this, experts believe that this trend will continue in the next 10 years with the reason that the coastal areas from Thanh Hoa to Binh Thuan have been forming more and more resorts, hotels and resorts. all industrial zones. Therefore, the coastal areas that were formerly a natural environment to produce insects as food for the swiftlets have shrunk and have to retreat inland, so about 50% – 60% of young swiftlets (silk) from When looking for food, the island will not return to the island, but will go to the nest houses in the mainland to find shelter.

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?

Nha Trang’s bird’s nest. Contact: 0944 544 345

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Therefore, the future trend needs to develop more widely to compensate for the lack of peach nest due to the above reasons. Currently, Vietnam’s swiftlet flock is over 7.5 million, the output of bird’s nest exploited in 2017 is more than 70 tons, it is expected that in 2018 it can reach 85-90 tons. According to a report by the Department of Livestock Production, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, there are 42 out of 63 provinces in the country that have houses for raising swiftlets. In 2017, with a total of over 8,300 bird nest houses, by August 2019, there were over 11,750 bird nest houses, an increase of 1.42 times.

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?

Bird’s nest house

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“Investing in building a swiftlet house is approximately 1 billion VND and 2-3 years later is considered a success when there are at least 300 swiftlets flying back to nest. Each pair of birds usually nest three times a year (3 nests). The flock of swiftlets grows exponentially, but for every 10 nests, 1-2 new nests are collected, if exploited more, the birds will go elsewhere. On average, 1kg of bird’s nest is about 70-100 nests, the wholesale price is from 36-38 million VND. In fact, the risk ratio is 50%, so many people have spent a lot of money and effort in the hope of getting rich quickly by raising swiftlets, but not everyone succeeds.

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?

Island swiftlets are laying eggs

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According to the Vietnam Salanganes’Nest Association (VSFA), there are currently 41 provinces and cities that have nest farming houses. The speed of building swiftlet houses is now calculated to increase every month, instead of by year as before. Places with a rapid growth rate of construction such as Ho Chi Minh City. Rach Gia and Ha Tien town (Kien Giang), City. Phan Rang – Thap Cham (Ninh Thuan), or Phu Yen, Binh Thuan, increased by 10% – 12%/month. In which, Kien Giang province has more than 1,000 swiftlet houses, Phu Yen has more than 800 swiftlet houses, An Giang has more than 650 swiftlet houses, Quang Nam and Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang has 410 bird nest houses, Binh Thuan has over 750 bird nest houses. Although there is no official figure from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, but industry experts estimate that Vietnam currently has no less than 11,000 bird nest houses. Social capital has invested in this industry nearly 18 trillion dong. From 2015 onward, the percentage of bird’s nest houses that have been renovated and expanded in residential areas has decreased a lot, reinforced concrete birdhouses account for about 80%, large farming floor area from 200m2 to 500m2/house. Total farming floor area is estimated at 2,350,000m2. As farmers increasingly master the technique, the success rate also increases. The swiftlet house built from 2015 onward achieved 70-80% success, compared with 20-40% of the swiftlet house built before 2015.

Lessons from Malaysia’s bird nest: Currently, Malaysia has 120,000 bird’s nest houses, 80% of which only get less than 2kg of bird’s nest per year. This country has more than 30 bird nest associations, but only 2,000/120,000 bird nests registered to participate in the supply of bird’s nests for official export to China. The domestic market of Malaysia did not consume all the oats, leading to a sharp drop in the price of oats, affecting the interests of the owner of the bird’s nest and the processing and trading businesses of oats. In order to help the swiftlet house solve the output for the product, help businesses find the source of high-quality raw bird’s nest, it is necessary to link and participate in the bird’s nest supply chain to meet many requirements, technical barriers are suitable. match market needs.

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How to distinguish bird nest and home nest?

Not every nest can be raised in the house.

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?

Spectral map of the swiftlet house. (Cre: Internet)

“The subspecies of indoor swiftlet (Scientific name Aerodramus Fuciphagus Amechanus), is distinguished from the island swiftlet (scientific name Aerodramus Fuciphagus germani) by the following characteristics: feather color, size, tail span , wingspan… The Amechanus swiftlet has an average wingspan of 114mm, a tail of 49mm, a beak of 3.7mm, a size of 10.3mm, and a weight of about 12.6g. Meanwhile, oats weigh about 13.9-14.5g. Amechanus swiftlets have darker feathers; light-dark fishing floats; and oats have pale white feathers.

In terms of sexual characteristics, salivary glands, moulting of the two species are also very different – house swiftlets molt, breed and nest all year round, while island swiftlets breed and molt twice a year in April. and October. The distribution areas of these two subspecies of swiftlets are also completely different. Currently, there is no record of the phenomenon of swiftlets flying from the island to the mainland to nest indoors or vice versa.

Based on the shape, size, color, weight… consumers can distinguish the island’s nest and the house’s nest: The island’s nest is ivory white, short in size, but thicker, deeper and heavier; Bird’s nest is milky white, with impurities mixed with feathers, longer in size but thinner, shallower and lighter.

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?


The upcoming main trends of the Vietnamese bird’s nest industry have some key features as follows:1. Establishing the standard of bird’s nest of Vietnam and universalizing the standard through the Salanganes’Nest Association to gradually improve the quality and export ability for Vietnam’s bird’s nest. Currently, Vietnam’s bird’s nest is still developing spontaneously, without notifying the authorities, so it does not control and orient its development methodically. For swiftlet houses near large urban areas, industrial zones, bird’s nests may be contaminated with heavy metals, but when cleaning, processing for reuse, there are no measures to help reduce this situation. See more reasons why Khanh Hoa bird’s nest is known as the king’s nest thanks to its highest quality here2. The market that needs attention in the near future and will have to face fierce competition of Vietnam’s bird’s nest is China – where the presence of the largest exporters of bird’s nests from Malaysia and Indonesia is present. But first, Vietnam must work with China to allow the official import of bird’s nests from Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam’s bird’s nest is imported into China through small quotas, mainly hand-carried goods.

3. Developing the depth of bird’s nest to increase the value of the bird’s nest, instead of exporting raw or preliminarily processed bird’s nest, it needs to be processed into many other products such as cosmetics/pharmaceuticals from bird’s nest. Recently, NGK Sanest Khanh Hoa Company has successfully researched this scientific work. Update On December 24, 2020, Sanest Khanh Hoa Beverage Joint Stock Company held a grassroots acceptance test of the topic “Building a process for producing cosmetic products from Khanh Hoa bird’s nest extract”. Thereby, perfecting for acceptance at a higher level and preparing to bring to the market cosmetics derived from Khanh Hoa’s bird’s nest, serving beauty care.

See the price list of Nha Trang Salanganes’Nest provided by Touch Khanh Hoa here:

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?

Contact to buy bird’s nest (swallow’s nest) or ready-made bird’s nest in Nha Trang Khanh Hoa: 0944 544 345 (Zalo)

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?

Code 1. Raw bird’s nest

The first part of the nest is created to help the nest stick firmly to the cliff. The nest has cleaned the outside impurities, leaving little feathers inside. Further cleaning is required before use.

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?

Code 2. Swallow’s feet with feathers

The first part of the nest is created to help the nest stick firmly to the cliff. Once cleaned, ready to use without further cleaning.

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?

Code 3. Refined crumbs

Part of the bird’s nest is broken when exploiting or by nature and preliminary processing. Once cleaned, ready to use without further cleaning.

Which city in our country has the most bird's nest production?

Code 4. Bird’s nest with full feathers

The intact part of the bird’s nest that has been cleaned can be used immediately without further cleaning.

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