Do you think that powdered milk that has been opened for a long time but does not clump, does not change color can still be used? No! If you don’t know How long does powdered milk last when opened? and still giving it to children can cause serious health problems. The following article will help you know the best time to use milk after opening the lid.

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How long does meiji milk powder last when opened?

According to the World Health Organization, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendsOpened powder can keep for 30 days

Powdered milk is the most common type of milk used by parents to supplement nutrients and help children develop comprehensively in the first period of life. However, not everyone knows how to use milk properly, including problems How long does powdered milk last when opened?. The characteristic of powdered milk is to use many times a day, so it is necessary to adhere to the shelf life after opening as well as the principles of preservation, thus ensuring the freshness and safety of milk.

Powdered milk after opening can be used longer than liquid milk. However, that does not mean that you can use it for too long, powdered milk also has a certain shelf life after the lid has been opened. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization WTO and milk manufacturers, powdered milk should be used within 30 days after opening the lid to ensure nutrition and safety for children.

So if the milk has been opened for more than a month but there is no lump, no color change, no fermentation… can it still be used? No, you should still discard this milk to buy a new box for your baby. Period 30 days According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is very important that during this period milk will be exposed to air, weather conditions, outside temperature, and bacteria, microorganisms…. but still ensure nutrients, not deformed.

In addition to 30 days of opening the lid, some beneficial ingredients in milk will turn into substances that are harmful to the body, adversely affecting the health of children. Therefore, even though the milk still has a beautiful creamy yellow color, no lumps, no mold, etc., you absolutely must not use it for your baby.

The digestive system and immune system of babies are still not fully developed, so using formula that has been opened for more than 30 days is really dangerous. If you don’t understand How long does powdered milk last when opened? If you let your child drink freely, he or she may face a number of problems such asdiarrhea, redabdominal pain, nresentful, co tie your shoes, nmilk poisoning..

How long does meiji milk powder last when opened?

The longest shelf life of powdered milk

If you already know How long does powdered milk last when opened? That’s good news, because you can help your child avoid serious health problems if you drink denatured milk. However, you may still not know how to properly store opened milk to keep it fresh and prolong its spoilage. Then you can refer to some simple ways below and apply for yourself:

– Read the instructions carefully

Instructions for use are fully written on the milk packaging, which is an integral part of most products. The manufacturer provides this section to help consumers know how to use milk in the right way. In the tutorial, you will definitely know How long does powdered milk last when opened? and how to store milk.

Keep in dry places

Powdered milk is greatly affected by the impact of the outside environment, so you should avoid leaving it in places exposed to direct sunlight, not near the kitchen, not in the refrigerator, not in places. have high humidity.

If the storage environment is not suitable, the nutritional composition of the milk may be changed. The ideal room temperature for storing opened formula as well as unopened milk is below 25°C.

– Close the lid tightly when not in use

To prevent opened milk powder from being exposed to a lot of air, to prevent dust, ants, cockroaches, and other creatures from falling into the milk, you need to close the lid of the container tightly after use. Should limit opening the lid of the box as little as possible for the best milk flavor.

– Avoid keeping it in the fridge

Many mothers have the habit of keeping milk in the refrigerator because they think that in the refrigerator there are no bacteria, no insects, cold storage of milk will take a long time to spoil… However, this is a mistake that needs to be corrected immediately, the degree of Moisture in the refrigerator can cause powdered milk to increase moisture absorption and become moldy and lumpy. If the summer weather is too hot, you are afraid that the milk will be spoiled, just keep it in a cool place, less exposed to sunlight, not necessarily in the refrigerator.

– Divide the amount of powdered milk into small quantities if buying a large box

If the daily amount of baby formula is small, opening a large box will not be able to use it all in a month, then you should consider using a small box of 400g which will be more reasonable. In case of using a large 900g box, you should divide the milk into different containers, close the lid tightly and use it gradually to avoid opening the lid many times to damage the milk.

The above information has helped you understand How long does powdered milk last when opened?, how to store milk in the right way… Hope you have gained more useful knowledge in your journey of raising healthy children. Wishing you and your baby a lot of happiness and health!

If the mother has been busy going out or because the baby is crying and has not been able to give her baby a bottle of prepared milk, she will probably wonder how long the Meiji’s pure milk will last. Normally, Meiji milk bars after mixing can be kept for 2 hours. However, depending on how the mother preserves, this shelf life may be shorter/longer. The following article will provide the mother with the most complete information on how to store Meiji milk bars after mixing.

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How long does meiji milk powder last when opened?

Concentrated bar, easy to dissolve, convenient to carry when going out, and mix the right amount. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals with the right ratio for the new nutritional needs of 1-3 years old baby. Add more DHA to support the development of vision and brain for babies. Contains FOS, Nucleotides to enhance immunity, digestive system, limit constipation.

How long does meiji milk powder last when opened?

The stick form is convenient to carry when going out and makes it easier to mix exactly as indicated. The taste is similar to breast milk, helping the baby not to hate the mother. Supplementing with natural fiber FOS helps babies less constipation, porous, soft stools, good digestion. Balanced nutritional formula, supports the comprehensive development of height – weight, body – intelligence.

How long does Meiji milk bars last?

In the case of finished mixing and storing at room temperature

In order for Meiji milk to promote its maximum effectiveness, it is best to let the child drink the entire meal at any given time. However, if there is an unexpected situation that prevents the mother from giving her baby a drink, she should only leave the bottle at room temperature for a maximum of 2 hours. After 2 hours, the mother absolutely does not give the baby to use to avoid the risk of diarrhea and abdominal pain.

How long does meiji milk powder last when opened?

Depending on the storage environment, the prepared Meiji milk bars can be kept for 2 hours at room temperature.

In the case of finished mixing and storing in a thermos bag

If you and your baby want to go out to play, you can finish making Meiji milk and store it in a thermos bag for 4-5 hours. Thermal bags help ensure milk quality, avoiding external agents from entering.

In the case of finished mixing and storing in the refrigerator

Meiji milk bars are mixed and stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. In case the baby doesn’t finish the milk, because the nipple has been in contact with the baby’s saliva, the milk is easy to get infected, the best way is to drink the rest of the milk or the mother can only store it in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

Experience preserving Meiji milk with ready-to-drink formula bars

In addition to ensuring the storage time in different environments, mothers should note the following to ensure the best quality of Meiji bar milk for their children:

Record the date and time of mixing milk on the bottle to remember when the milk was mixed, thereby accurately calculating the storage time. This is very important because many times mothers are busy at work, which leads to forgetting the time to make milk. Estimating preparation and storage times can prevent your baby from ingesting contaminated milk.

How long does meiji milk powder last when opened?

Record the date and time of milk preparation on the bottle for easy milk storage control.

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Do not use a microwave oven to reheat prepared milk: Using a microwave to heat milk will cause Meiji milk bars to degrade and lose nutrients. The best way, the mother can leave the milk at room temperature for about 1 hour if not in a hurry to give it to the baby or put it in a hot water bottle to warm the milk. If there are more conditions, the mother should use a milk warmer. If the ready-to-drink formula has been left out for more than the recommended time, you should discard it. Absolutely do not let children use leftover milk. Milk left for too long will cause external bacteria to enter, and the quality of milk will also be changed, which can lead to the risk of diarrhea and poisoning for children. Milk stored in the refrigerator is warmed by placing it in a hot water bottle. However, it is not recommended to re-use Meiji milk bars that have been stored in the refrigerator. After warming the milk, check the temperature of the milk before giving it to your baby Make sure the milk is not too hot. The easiest way to check your temperature is to put a few drops of milk on the inside of your wrist. As soon as the milk is warm, the mother can breastfeed the baby immediately. Once the milk has cooled to the standard temperature, it should be used immediatelyavoid the case of cooling or reheating repeatedly.

How to ensure baby’s safety when using Meiji milk bar?

3.1. About how to make milk

Before starting, parents need to master the rules when making Meiji milk bars to ensure quality and safety:

first- Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing milk, sterilize the bottle thoroughly with warm water before mixing.

How long does meiji milk powder last when opened?

Parents need to wash their hands and utensils before preparing milk for their children.

2- Do not arbitrarily change the formula by diluting it or making it darker.

3- Do not arbitrarily add other ingredients to milk without a doctor’s prescription, do not mix with porridge, fruit juice.

4- Do not mix milk with purified, cold water. Follow milking temperature is 70 degrees C (Meiji bar number 0) and 50 degrees Celsius (Meiji bar number 9)

5- Peeled milk bars should be closed, should not be left open, and opened milk should not be left in the refrigerator to prevent the milk inside from getting wet, clumping, and creating conditions for bacteria to enter.

6- Mothers should only mix enough milk for 1 use of the baby, should not mix excess and save for the next feeding.

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7- Follow the correct mixing ratio of the manufacturer to achieve the best nutritional effect:

Meiji milk volume chart with zero bars corresponding to the baby’s age

Weight (kg)
Number of milk tablets
Amount of water (ml)
Number of drinks/day

0 – ½ March 2 80 7 – 1 month 3.8 2 – 3 80-120 7 1 – 2 months 4.8 3 – 4 120-160 6 2 – 3 months 5.8 3 – 4 120-160 6 3 – 5 months 6.8 5 200 5 5 – 7 months 7.7 5 200 5 7 – 9 August, 3 5 200 5 9 – 12 September, February 5 160-200 5

The amount of Meiji milk bar number 9 corresponds to the age of the baby

Baby age (age)
Standard weight (kg)
Number of milk tablets
Amount of water (ml)
Number of times and amount of milk in a day

Amount (ml)

1 ~ 1.6 9.2 ~ 10.3 5 200ml 2 ~ 3 400 ~ 600ml 1.6 ~ 3 10.3 ~ 13.7 5 200ml 2 400ml

About how to preserve milk

Meiji milk bars are best used up within 1 month. Care should be taken to store milk in a cool, dry place, away from moisture, without direct sunlight or heat sources such as gas stoves, etc. Below 25 degrees Celsius is the appropriate temperature to store milk cartons.


Here is the important information surrounding the issue How long does Meiji’s bar milk last?, hope parents will understand the rules for storing milk after mixing properly. To learn more about how to care for young children, parents can visit here.

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