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Vietnamese green apricot trees and Thai green apricot trees are ornamental plants that are very popular today because of their beautiful, strange and gentle purple-blue flowers. The tree is easy to grow, easy to care for, can be grown into a vine or bend the original bonsai art as you like.

Through this article, we will show you how to plant and care for it Vietnam blue apricot tree (planted a lot in Lam Dong) and Thai blue apricot tree for many flowers and how to distinguish betweenVietnam blue apricot tree and Thai green apricot. Besides, you will get to know more about origin, characteristics, meaning and use of the blue apricot tree.Surely after reading this article, you will be able to create a beautiful and fresh apricot blossom garden with your own hands. What are you waiting for, let’s learn about this wonderful plant together.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

Green apricot tree There are many different names such as Blue Cotton Tree, Purple Apricot Tree, Blue Bird Tree, Sandpaper Tree, Double Flower Tree…The tree’s scientific name is Petrea volubilisVietnam blue apricot tree: belongs to the woody type, prefers to lean on a trellis like Bong Giay because the nature of Bong Xanh is a climbing plant. Therefore, the green apricot tree can make a beautiful climbing or hanging on the balcony.

In case there is no place to cling, it can grow independently, develop itself into a round shrub or grow into a woody tree to shape bonsai art.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

Vietnam blue apricot tree (some places call it Da Lat green apricot) Sun-loving, growing quite fast and strong. Blue apricot blossom Vietnam has a deep purple color but falls faster than Thai blue apricot flowers (1 bunch of Vietnamese blue apricot flowers bloom for a week and then fade), but when the flowers fall, the calyx remains on the branch for a long time. Flowers bloom continuously in spring (from before Tet to April of the lunar calendar). If the leaves are removed and the flowers are pressed, the Vietnamese green apricot can flower 3 times a year in Lam Dong and twice a year in other regions of Vietnam (each flower lasts 1-3 months).

In order for the tree to bloom in full bloom on the occasion of Tet, everyone needs to pay attention flower pressing technique and remove leaves about 1-2 months before Tet (See details at the end of the article).

In the past few years, new varieties of blue apricot have been imported from Thailand. To distinguish it from the old variety, people call it Thai green apricot tree, Thai blue apricot, Thai purple apricot.

Thai green apricot tree It is a vines with intense vitality, lush all year round, giving tender lavender purple flowers.

Thai blue apricot flowers are very wrong, blooming in strings of 20-40cm long, gently drooping, the delicate flower shape is not inferior to any precious orchid species, creating an extremely luxurious overall look. Thai green apricot tree Easy to grow, flowers bloom all year round, does not shed leaves in winter, and has no worms, so this is a great choice for growing balcony, terrace or villa fences.Thai green apricot tree has a fairly fast growth rate (about 2-3 months has flowered). Winter does not shed leaves, and loves the sun very much, so in the past few years, Thai green apricot trees have been hunted by bonsai lovers to grow as ornamental plants, decorate balconies or make climbing rigs in the garden.

Autumn, when the trees shed their leaves, Thai green apricot still green and blooming brilliantly. There are few flowers that bloom all year round so beautiful and durable.

Thai green apricot tree meets all the elements that any flower aspires to: Beautiful, strange, beautiful vines, gentle colors, bloom all year round, and very easy to care for. Suitable for climbing trellis, climbing fences of villas, arches or balconies are all beautiful. In particular, it is possible to raise large roots to bend high-value bonsai.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

Big original blue apricot tree

Distinguish between green apricot and Thai green apricot trees.

– Flowers bloom seasonally, give flowers after 2 years of planting, do not change color, fall faster than Thai green apricots, bloom most in spring (from December to April of the lunar calendar).

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers


– Leaves are thin, less rough, veins are thick and translucent, less prominent, glossy leaves, 3 fingers small, lighter color.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers
Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

– Flowers are small, light purple, short chain. Purple cotton, when the flower is old, the flower does not change color but falls off.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

– Cheap, only flowers all year round in cold climates (Da Lat) and produces a lot of flowers in spring in hot areas, but if you know how to press flowers, you can flower 2-3 times a year. wish

– Vietnamese green apricot trees, when planted for a long time, will have a more beautiful and curvy root set than Thai green apricots..

Flowering time: after 2 years of planting.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

Blue apricot tree varieties.

– Flowers bloom all year round, with magical color changes from purple – white – blue during blooming, flowers bloom durable, wrong flowers.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

Thai blue apricot flowers change color from purple, white, dark purple and green

– Leaves are thick, rough, almost as big as a hand, veins are clear like guava leaves, darker color, hairy.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

– Large, dark purple flowers, long flower chains. When the flowers are near, the flowers turn green and then fall, a bunch of flowers bloom for 3 weeks before they fall off.– The price is higher than Vietnam green apricot, flowering all year round regardless of hot or cold climate.

– Flowering time: after 2 months of planting.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

Thai green apricot tree.

Thai green apricot tree still essentially blue apricot treeso the planting and care of both types are relatively similar.Blue apricot tree is a very easy to grow and easy to care plant, just follow the following instructions, you can manually create a beautiful and fresh blue-violet apricot flower truss for your home.

Blue apricot tree can be grown from seed, cuttings or cuttings. However, seeding often takes a lot of time and the probability of success is not high, so now people often choose to buy blue apricot seedling Planting from reputable nurseries is both fast and effective.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

– Sufficient soil, manure (nutrition): You can plant green apricot tree Potted or planted in a hole depending on the space of your house.If planting in pots, you need to note that the diameter of the pot must be large enough (2 or 3 times larger than the potting soil of the purchased seedling) to ensure enough nutrients for the plant to grow.

Green apricot tree is not picky about fertilizer, can fertilize any kind of fertilizer for the tree (but must ensure the dosage, avoid overdose). Experts advise that you should fertilize organic fertilizers, cow manure, cinnamon worm manure, compost … once every 2 months will help plants become more durable, NPK chemical fertilizers are only suitable for plants during the pressing period. Flowering plants in moderate doses.

In case your house has a large open space, planting trees in the ground will help the plants grow faster and produce stronger flowers.

Blue apricot tree Suitable for all types of soil, including saline soil, acid acid soil, limestone soil, poor nutrient poor soil. However, for the best growth, you should plant the plant in loose, humus-rich, nutrient-rich and well-drained soil.

– Enough water:

After the plant is planted in a pot or planted in a hole, you need to water it in the early stages for the plant to recover and grow. After stabilizing, you can adjust the amount of water and water regularly 1-2 times a day and cool morning and afternoon.

Note, when it rains, you need to reduce the amount of water or remove the water if you see signs of waterlogging, to avoid root rot.

– Sunny enough:

Blue apricot tree is a type that likes strong sunlight, the more sunlight, the better the plant will grow and flower. Therefore, if you find the green apricot tree in a location that lacks sunlight or is not sunny enough, move it to another location with more sunlight.

Green apricot tree has strong vitality, grows quickly, is less susceptible to pests and diseases because the leaves are very rough. Therefore, we do not need to spend a lot of care.However, in your spare time, you should prune dry branches, remove wilted leaves to create ventilation for the tree to avoid pests.

When growing plants in pots, regular pruning of the tops helps the tree to lay many branches, thick canopy, and produce many flowers. Each time the top is cut, the tree will add 2 new tops, and so on exponentially, making the pot with many branches luxuriant, colorful and beautiful.

5. Origin of Vietnamese green apricot and Thai blue apricot tree

Blue apricot tree Scientific name is Petrea volubilis belongs to the verbena family. The tree is native to Central America. Green apricot tree has many names in English such as sandpaper vine, purple wreath, or Queen’s Wreath.

Green apricot tree which is a native tree species in Vietnam, has been widely grown in Vietnam for a long time. When no one noticed, the blue apricot tree often grows along rivers and streams, and on the edge of forests in the northern mountainous provinces.

Currently, blue apricot trees are only found in tree nurseries or in rich villas with impressive prices ranging from a few tens to hundreds of millions. However, to start from 1 seedling, playing green apricot is no longer a luxury hobby.

Green apricot tree especially grown in Dalat. Therefore, people often call green apricot tree with another name is green apricot Dalat. In the flower season, walking on the roads in Da Lat, you will encounter the climbing flower trellises covering the roof of the house, creating a poetic and gentle scene.

– Blue-purple five-petaled flowers, round petals, light-curved flower branches with dense blooms.– Green apricot leaves are simple leaves, opposite, oval in shape, tapering at both ends. Each leaf is about 10cm long, about 6cm wide. The leaves are dark green, the surface is rough, the veins are clearly visible, so the green apricot is also known in English as Sandpaper Vine.

– Branches blue apricot blossom about 35cm long, including 15-30 flowers. In the blooming season, the canopy is almost covered with a dreamy purple-blue color, the long branches full of curved flowers hang down dyeing the whole area purple. Green apricot tree can be propagated by seeds or cuttings.

– The sepals have 5 long narrow petals like a star, blue in color. The sepals are very durable, do not fall, when old, the color becomes pale, gray-green, the sepals are star-like wings to help the seeds disperse.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

► Meaning: Purple blue represents tenderness, warmth and represents loyalty. Besides, the blue apricot tree also symbolizes resilience and intense vitality. Because even in the arid and rocky land, the green apricot tree still thrives.– Giving a green apricot tree to a lover: a fidelity that wants to be with the other side.

– Giving green apricot trees to relatives, friends or partners: a message of happiness, wealth and prosperity.

– Give green apricot to yourself: Bring fortune to the owner.

► Uses: Blue apricot tree belongs to the type of tree trunk, can grow independently and can also climb into a trellis like a beautiful bougainvillea.

The blue apricot tree when old, the body will turn into wood, so the blue apricot tree is also chosen by artists to create an artistic bonsai shape. The large original bonsai trees are perennials and often have a very high value.

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers

– Time to press flowers: About 1 month before Tet (or the time I want the plant to bloom in the year), including 2 weeks of watering and 2 weeks of picking leaves.State 1: Stop watering for 2 weeks (squeeze the water), only water after 4-5 days with very little amount (1 small cup of water), so after 2 weeks the tree starts to drop leaves. It will be easier to stop water if the plant is in a pot, so cover the base of the plant with a layer of plastic to limit rainwater contact with the pot.

Phase 2: After squeezing the water, the leaves begin to appear old and yellow. Now I start picking all the leaves (note that you should use scissors to cut the leaves, because the flowers will come out from the axillary leaves, pick the leaves vigorously to damage the flower buds in the axillary leaves), then water every 2 days. , can add a little NPK fertilizer type to stimulate flowering and after 2 weeks the tree starts to shoot many tops and flower.

Note: When the tree is deciduous or deciduous, do not irrigate with urea. can irrigate NPK fertilizer with high potassium and phosphorus contentThe tree will bloom many flowers and bloom on the occasion of Tet.



Thai green apricots grow long-lasting leopards with flowers


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