Talking to PV Health & Life Newspaper, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Huu Doanh – Deputy Director of the Central Dermatology Hospital said that during the treatment process, he had encountered many cases of patients coming to the Central Dermatology Hospital for examination when have used many types of oriental medicine of unknown origin because, according to advertising, there are cases where the disease has become severe.

“So far, science has proven that genital warts are caused by HPV virus, there is no specific medicine for this disease. Advertising for treatment of warts once, scientifically is unfounded, should not be believed. People should go to Western medical facilities for proper diagnosis and treatment. In many cases, we met patients who were not warts but were again diagnosed with warts, many papular lesions in the genital tract. I would like to confirm that there is no case of treating genital warts once and getting rid of them right away” – Assoc. Business emphasized.

Experience in treating warts at the central hospital of dermatology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Huu Doanh.

Assoc. Doanh warned, the duration of genital warts in each person is often not the same, the average time is 3 weeks to several months, some people have 8 months or 1 year before the lesions appear. Most people only know when they have lesions in the genital area (warts) that they have genital warts. Genital warts have no physical symptoms such as pain, burning, itching, painful urination, and frequent urination. When there is a large wart lesion, it is discovered that the patient has warts.

Therefore, many cases when warts appear in the genital area, they often go to oriental medicine facilities, facilities with foreign factors for treatment, and patients with many new complications go to the Central Dermatology Hospital. nurse. Therefore, it is necessary to choose facilities that are functional, competent, and reputable for treatment. Be careful with advertising information of medical facilities that claim that 100% of this disease can be cured.

Currently, according to Prof. The treatment of warts is only for the purpose of removing the lesions with warts, and the virus on the surface of the skin can be eliminated. The number of lesions is less, the amount of virus is less, the body is good and eliminated. It is possible to dot some acids, some topical agents that inhibit the growth of the virus, electrocautery or laser burning, topical immunostimulating drugs to help eliminate the virus.

Prevent warts – How?

To prevent genital warts, Assoc. Business recommends, for children, the most effective today is vaccination. Currently, there are 2 types, but also reduce the risk of genital warts by more than 95%, especially for girls. Secondly, parents need to be careful during medical care for their children because this is a contagious disease due to suspicion that medical care does not guarantee sterile conditions. When medical intervention is necessary, parents should choose reputable medical facilities.

Experience in treating warts at the central hospital of dermatology

Doctors and nurses treat children with warts at the National Hospital of Dermatology.

For adults, should be faithful to one spouse, one partner, or take measures to protect and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in general. If abnormal genital lesions appear, seek medical attention immediately. It is advisable to visit a specialist facility to properly treat the disease, to avoid possible complications.

For pregnant women, the immune system is often weakened, so the size and lesions of warts are large. Doctors have encountered cases of warts that occupy the entire vulva and vagina, obstructing the birth canal. Therefore, this dermatologist also recommends choosing reputable facilities to treat pregnant women.

“The treatment is relatively complicated and requires many treatments, topical methods are almost contraindicated for pregnant women. Most are treated with laser or electrocautery. Closer to the day of delivery, if the warts are still present, we recommend giving birth by caesarean section. Because the virus is still in the vaginal tract. Babies born at risk of HPV infection during lower birth, need caesarean section to ensure safety for the baby. If the birth is lower, it is necessary to monitor the child, if there is an injury, it is necessary to treat the child early” – Assoc. Business added.

As a leading specialized hospital in dermatology, the Central Hospital of Dermatology is the first choice of those wishing to examine and treat warts across the country.

With the desire to give you general information and some notes when going to the doctor, the following article will summarize the experience of examining warts at a dermatology hospital. We invite you to read along.

I. Genital warts and how to recognize

Genital warts are a common social disease today. This is the most common disease among sexually transmitted diseases, accounting for about 20%-50% of the population, mainly men. If you don’t know how to prevent and treat it early, genital warts can cause dangerous complications for the patient.

Experience in treating warts at the central hospital of dermatology

After an incubation period of 2-9 months, at locations where you come into contact with the source of the disease such as genitals, nasopharynx, anus, symptoms will appear:

1. Secondary stage

The patient’s body will see the appearance of warts that cause itching in the intimate area along with some abnormal urination symptoms such as difficulty urinating, blood in the urine.

Initially, the warts are single, then develop into clusters with a white, pink or brown color.

  • For women: genital warts appear on the edge, inside the vagina; anal region or may spread to the cervix.
  • For men: genital warts appear at the location of the cord, urethra, foreskin, penis, scrotum and around the anus.

2. Full play phase

At this stage, the disease begins to thrive, the rate of development will also be faster. The papillomas continue to grow and spread over the entire intimate area. The symptoms of the disease are also increasingly severe, the patient is prone to bleeding, abnormal discharge and an unpleasant odor. In addition, the patient may have swollen lymph nodes in the groin area, causing pain.

For men, when at this stage, warts appear in the opening of the flute, causing men to urinate blood, and the warts may enlarge, leading to urethral obstruction.

3. Final stage

If genital warts are not treated in time, they will turn chronic and cause many dangerous complications.

At this time, the warts not only attack and destroy epithelial cells in external parts of the body, but they also penetrate into the bloodstream and move quickly to other parts of the body. When the organs are destroyed and cannot function properly, the patient’s health will be depleted.

II. Why should you check for warts at a dermatology hospital?

The Central Hospital of Dermatology was established in February 1954, formerly the Department of Internal Trade – Dermatology under Bach Mai Hospital. The Central Hospital of Dermatology has 12 clinical and subclinical specialties that receive and treat skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, including genital warts.

Experience in treating warts at the central hospital of dermatology

With a team of specialized doctors and advanced and modern medical equipment; The Central Dermatology Hospital has become one of the prestigious addresses for genital warts treatment and is trusted by many patients inside and outside Hanoi.

Currently, the Central Hospital of Dermatology is applying the methods of medical treatment and surgical treatment in the treatment of warts. Specifically:

1. Medical treatment:

  • Using drugs capable of destroying the organization of warts and improving the body’s immune system, and destroying the HPV virus. The most commonly used drugs are Fluorouraein, Podophyllotoxin, Imiquimod.
  • Most of the above drugs are prepared in the form of creams and gels applied to the skin and have local treatment effects to ensure convenience, and at the same time limit side effects for patients when used.

2. Surgical methods of treatment:

  • Freezing warts with carbon snow
  • Laser projection
  • Electrocautery therapy
  • Surgery when warts spread widely or grow into large masses.

III. Experience in examining warts at a dermatology hospital

1. Warts examination at Dermatology Hospital

For patients with health insurance:

  • Step 1: The patient moves into the treatment area, to the instruction desk on the 1st floor to get the medical examination number. Patients who go to the doctor for the first time need to buy a new book and fill in all the information.
  • Step 2: Register for the examination and submit your insurance card and personal documents at desk 5. At the same time, receive a slip with the number of the specialist clinic and the order number at the clinic.
  • Step 3: Move to the clinic and turn to see the doctor. After the initial examination, the doctor will assign the patient to do some necessary tests.
  • Step 4: The patient performs the test at the 1st, 4th and 5th floors of the high-tech building. For cases indicated for diagnostic imaging, move to the 1st floor of the treatment building.
  • Step 5: Return to the original specialist clinic to hear the doctor read the results. Your doctor prescribes medicine or prescribes other methods to treat genital warts
  • Step 6: Pay the insurance difference and get the card back at the reception desk 5
  • Step 7: Get medicine at the pharmacy on the 1st floor and leave.

For the case of genital warts examination service. The following procedure should be followed:

  • Step 1: Register information at the instruction desk on the 1st floor of the treatment building
  • Step 2: Submit the registration form at counters 1, 2, 3. Then pay the examination fee, receive the clinic number and the order number.
  • Step 3: Go to the correct specialist clinic printed on the slip. Then sit and wait for your turn to be examined.
  • Step 4: The doctor performs a clinical examination and checks for signs outside the lesion and assigns necessary tests.
  • Step 5: Pay for the test at the toll desk and in turn conduct all the tests specified by the doctor.
  • Step 6: Return to the original clinic to listen to the doctor read the test results and prescribe the appropriate treatment.
  • Step 7: Buy medicine at the drugstore on the 1st floor (if any).

2. Treatment time at the Central Dermatology Hospital

  • Monday to Friday: Morning (from 5:45 to 12:00), Afternoon (from 13:30 to 18:00)
  • Saturday and Sunday: Morning (from 7:00 to 12:00), Afternoon (from 14:00 to 17:30)

3. Contact information:

  • Address: No. 15A, Phuong Mai Ward, Dong Da District, City. Hanoi.
  • Contact phone number: 024.32222944
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]

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Every day, the Central Dermatology Hospital has to receive a large number of patients. Therefore, patients should arrange to see the doctor early and in the middle of the week to avoid waiting too long.

When waiting in line for medical examination, you should pay attention to your personal property to avoid unexpected situations. Because, during the waiting time, the number of patients is quite large, so it is easy to cause theft.

Many famous professors and specialists work only a few days a week. Therefore, if you want to see these doctors, you should find out information about the working schedule and working time in advance to facilitate the planning of medical examination.

Recently, the article has shared with readers the experience of examining warts at a dermatology hospital. Hopefully, it will help you better understand the medical examination and treatment process here and arrange a suitable time for medical examination. If you have any questions, please contact Hotline: ….. for detailed support.

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Note: If you do not have the conditions to visit the patient, you can talk to the doctor via the 24/7 call center. In cases where surgery is indicated and there is a need for surgery with a good doctor, we will advise and support the patient to receive the desired treatment. The team of doctors comes from many reputable public hospitals, with high professional qualifications and experience.

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