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Find and explain the idioms in the following sentences a. On the day of Tien Vuong, the langurs brought the mountain and the sea taste, the spring rolls with the phoenix came, and there was nothing lacking. (Canh Chung, Banh Giay) b. One day, a liquor store named Ly Thong passed by. Seeing Thach Sanh carry a large load of firewood, he thought to himself: “This person is as strong as an elephant. It’s very beneficial to stay with him.” Ly Thong Lan made a conversation, then asked Thach Sanh to make a brotherhood. Early orphaned parents, four great-grandmothers, now someone to take care of her, Thach Sanh was touched and gladly accepted. (Thach Sanh) c. Staggering for ten years, Also when it was dewy hair.

(Nguyen Du, Tale of Kieu)

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a. Idioms: Son Hao Hai Taste, Nem Cong Cha Phuong. The meaning of these idioms refers to the rare and precious dishes in the mountains, and the rare and precious flavors in the sea that are selected for offering. b. Idioms: strong as an elephant, four efforts without a body. Meaning of idiom: Four is four; try to look back; no is no; relatives are relatives, relatives; alone, with no close relatives, no refuge. Strong as an elephant: a large and strong animal, only humans have extraordinary strength. Four tried without body: Four: four; try: turn your head to look back; no: no; relatives: relatives, relatives; lonesome == idiom means someone who has no relatives, no one to rely on

c. Idiom: dewy hair. Means age skin with black and blue spots, especially on the hands and face; Dew hair is white hair => People change their beauty and shape, and time makes people old.

Briefly tell the respective legends, myths and fables to see clearly the origin of the idioms “Dragon and fairy son”, “Frog sitting at the bottom of the well”, “The fortuneteller sees the elephant”

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Summary of Dragon and Fairy
The legend of the Dragon and the Fairy’s descendants tells about the land of Lac Viet, where there was a god of the Dragon family, named Lac Long Quan. During a trip to land to help people eliminate demons, Lac Long Quan met and married Au Co, who belonged to the Than Nong family, living in the high mountains of the North. Then Au Co became pregnant and laid a bundle of one hundred eggs; hatched a hundred children. Because Lac Long Quan was not used to living on land, the two split up to bring fifty children each, one to the forest, the other to the sea. The eldest son of Au Co was enthroned as king, called Hung Vuong, based his capital in Phong Chau, and named the country Van Lang. When the father’s father died, the throne was passed to the eldest son, from then on, every father passed from son to son for eighteen generations, all took the title Hung Vuong.

Summary Frog sitting at the bottom of the well

Because of living long in a narrow well, the frog thought that the sky above his head was as small as a swing, and he was as majestic as a lord. One year, when it rained heavily, the well overflowed, bringing the frog out. The old habit, it looked up at the sky, paying no attention to its surroundings, so it was trampled by a passing buffalo.

Summary of fortune-teller seeing elephants

Five fortune-tellers invited each other to give money to the elephant manager to see what the elephant looks like. Each of them looked at a part, finally quarreled, no one accepted him: he looked at the elephant’s trunk as a leech; he considers the elephant’s tusks like a cannon; he looked at the ear and said it was like a rice fan; he considers the elephant’s legs as a pillar of the house; Finally, he looked at the tail and said that the elephant was as dull as a dull broom. Arguing because they couldn’t win or lose, the five men fought with their heads cut off and bleeding.

Fill in more elements to complete the idiom. Words… voice One sunny two… Good day… No warm rice… Bach… Bach win

Born… established a career

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  • Words of speech
  • One sun and two dew
  • Good day good month
  • Full of rice and warm clothes
  • invincibility
  • The chance to make a career

Collect a few idioms that have not been published in the textbook and explain them

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  • Cats and chickens: only those who have the habit of flirting, promiscuous, already married, but also sneak boys and girls, or talk about indecent people, friends! It was a…
  • Small cat catches small mouse: Indicates moderate work, suitable to his ability and strength.
  • Blind cat with fried fish: Unexpected luck beyond possibility.
  • Water pours potato leaves: words, teachings, advice, advice to someone have no effect on them, because they cannot absorb,
  • only in vain.
  • His stick hit him on the back: in the case of his schemes and tricks to harm others, he harmed himself.
  • The intestines are as hot as a scratch: Very impatient, restless and restless. – Intestines left on the skin: Careless or forgetful, careless, inadvertent. – Turn a blind eye: Deliberately avoiding, pretending to be oblivious to what is happening

Write a short paragraph (7 to 10 sentences), using at least 2 idioms.

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In life, morality is a very important factor, it shows civility, politeness, lifestyle, personality, and can partly assess the quality and value of a person himself. And there are many aspects to evaluating human morality and qualities. One of them is gratitude, remembering the merits that others have helped you. It is also a practical truth in everyday life. That’s why my father said: “Remember guys fruit trees” nice “PROVERB: When you drink water, remember the source” teach children and grandchildren to be grateful in the future, to remember those who have grace, help, nurture, and so on.

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Idioms Sentences “The father of the mother” appreciate the great merits of the father, the noble love of the mother raising the child to grow up and grow up. Indeed, his father’s gratitude is as great as the majestic Thai Son mountain. Mother’s love is abundant and sweet like spring water in the source. Parents have both the merit of giving birth and raising us. Parents are the people who always watch over their children’s every step from infancy to adulthood. “Thanks father Mother” extremely great, children must always remember that to serve and repay their parents. That is the person who is filial and virtuous.

“Frog sitting at the bottom of the well”

A very familiar idiom that we have heard many times in our lives. When we live for a long time in a closed environment, only knowing that we care about ourselves but not others will give rise to selfishness, egotism that always considers ourselves the best without considering others. . This is extremely harmful, it makes people unable to develop, lagging behind others, compared to society. Besides, people like “Frog sitting at the bottom of the well” Not many people love it.

“Frog sitting at the bottom of the well”

Even the wisest would not dare to claim to be wise, let alone ordinary people. Idioms Sentences “Frog sitting at the bottom of the well” is an implied criticism for those who have a limited vision, study nowhere but always show understanding. The frog sat at the bottom of the well and looked up at the sky. It saw that the sky was only as big as the mouth of a well, normal and nothing terrible. But what it sees is only the miniature sky in the mouth of the well, how vast the sky really is, everyone knows. Just because of your shallow thinking can cause unnecessary damage to yourself.

Explain the meaning of the idiom frog sitting at the bottom of the well has no body

“Frog sitting at the bottom of the well”

This idiom comes from a parable. The frog in the story thinks the sky is as small as a swing because it has lived at the bottom of the well for a long time, never coming out of the well. The animals that live with the benefits at the bottom of the well such as frogs, crabs, and snails are small. It only needed to croak to make them panic. Since he had never met anyone stronger than him, the frog thought he was a lord. But not only ignorance, subjectivity and arrogance, frog is also an unfashionable person.

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And the end for those who “see the sky with a swing”

The first time he left his own well, he should have humbly learned about the new world. But he thought this new place was like his dry well, and so he walked around croaking, looking up at the sky and paying no attention to his surroundings. Then the frog was trampled by the buffalo, which is the result of the subjective, arrogant habit like when he was in the bottom of the well.

This world is infinitely vast and knowledge is like a vast ocean. And we – small drops of water can not be compared. Arrogance and conceit will lead to bad or even tragic endings. If I’m good, there will be people better than me, don’t always think of yourself as number one. No one likes arrogant and showy people. Instead of causing trouble and increasing our enemies, why not try a kinder way of life. The guys “Frog sitting at the bottom of the well” get nothing but contempt and disgust?

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Those who have shallow understanding but think they are wise are really making others laugh. This not only makes them look ridiculous in the eyes of others, but also breeds disgust. Who likes to be friends with people who talk nonsense but really don’t know a thing.

Lessons from arrogance

Lessons about arrogance like uncle “Frog sitting at the bottom of the well”” is a common reminder for all of us. In life, being humble and polite is a wise act. In today’s society, people’s hearts are dangerous and profoundly unpredictable. We will never know who the other person is, so don’t be in a hurry to show it.

Explain the meaning of the idiom frog sitting at the bottom of the well has no body

“Frog sitting at the bottom of the well”

Surely, everyone is tired of people who are arrogant and like to show off. Sometimes, they will receive a shake of the head or even be punished appropriately. Going to work to meet colleagues who like to show off is already frustrated, going to society to meet such people is even more tiring. What the shallow but arrogant person receives is only contempt and disgust from those around him.

That frog became so conceited after living for a long time in the well, but why do we live in such a large society? Everything is on me. People who are humble and always behave politely are appreciated by all young and old. On the other hand, the person who always thinks of himself the most will one day receive the appropriate punishment.

Always keep learning

Idioms Sentences “Frog sitting at the bottom of the well” both an advice and a reminder that we humans should never stop learning. Only knowledge can bring us many useful things, helping us to live well in today’s society. People with knowledge do everything easier and simpler than those without knowledge. Therefore, “If you want to know, you must ask, if you want to be good, you must study”.

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Step out into the outside world to see how much we still lack. We need to learn and absorb more knowledge if we want to become good and successful people. No one is born with talent on their own, it’s all due to the process of training and cultivating. Only when you understand the important value of knowledge can you truly grow.


Thought”Frog sitting at the bottom of the well“It only makes us lag behind and lag behind society. Not only that, it also attracts many enemies to its side. If you keep sleeping peacefully in that narrow thought, not looking at anyone, sooner or later you will meet a tragic end. Each of us should cultivate knowledge and practice morality to live well. Live not only being kind to yourself, but also bringing value to your family and society.

Explain the meaning of the idiom frog sitting at the bottom of the well has no body

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