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To make honey-soaked peach lemon, rock sugar to treat cough in the changing weather, you need to prepare the following ingredients and supplies:

Materials include:

– 1 kg of peach lemon.

– 1 liter of good quality honey.

– 0.8kg of rock sugar (You should choose to buy sugar with small pellets like corn kernels so that it doesn’t take the work of beating, the sugar dissolves quickly).

– Clean, good-quality glass jars with a capacity of 3-4 liters.

– Bamboo bamboo.

– Sharp knife, clean cutting board (type of cutting board used to cut vegetables or fruits).

How to soak lemon peach honey rock sugar

When choosing to buy, choose evenly ripe, glossy, thin-skinned lemons. These are lemons that contain a lot of water. After buying, peach lemons need to be removed from the stalks and leaves (if any), washed, and dried. If you do it urgently, you should use a clean towel to dry the lemon.

Next, take the glass jar, wash it and dry it. If the jar is used for the first time, after washing, you should boil it through the jar to limit cracking. You should not soak honey peaches in a plastic jar, but use a good glass jar. Soaking peaches in plastic jars can decontaminate some substances that are harmful to health.

Should i soak peach lemons with rock sugar?

Choose ripe, glossy, thin-skinned lemons. Photo: Minh Thuy

After that, bamboo slats must be washed and dried. If you don’t have bamboo slats, you can use a suitable sized glass cup/plate for compression.

Before slicing the lemon, you should sharpen the knife very well so that when slicing the lemon does not bleed.

After everything is prepared, you proceed to slice the lemon in thin circles. Note that lemon seeds should not be removed.

Should i soak peach lemons with rock sugar?

Lemon seeds should not be removed during the pickling process. Photo: Minh Thuy

Put the sliced ​​lemon in a large bowl or glass bowl and mix it with the rock sugar until well mixed. Pour the mixed lemon sugar alum mixture into the glass jar, compact it firmly.

Next, pour in honey, use bamboo spokes, glass cups/dishes to compress the lemons under the honey to prevent mold. Cover the jar tightly, keep in a cool place, away from sunlight. You can leave it like that after 1 month and you can use it.

During the first time after soaking, you should check the lemon jar regularly to avoid the lemon floating on the moldy surface. When you notice that the solution in the jar of soaked lemon is bubbling, you should skim off the foam and cover it.

Specialist I Bui Van Phao – Former Director of Nam Dinh Traditional Medicine Hospital said: Vietnam has about 20 different species of lemons, in which the peach variety is a very popular “panacea”. Lemon peach is usually available from August, September of the year. Honey along with lemon peach has long been a precious remedy handed down in folklore due to its effectiveness in respiratory diseases.

According to BS. Bui Van Phao, lemon peach or lemon can often be used as medicine to treat many diseases, including pharyngitis and pharyngitis.

Lemon peel and leaves contain many essential oils, which are used to treat coughs, colds, and fevers, etc., so they are often included in the pot of steamed leaves.

The intestines of lemons contain a lot of vitamins A, B1, B2, especially vitamin C, which have the effect of cooling, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying … In addition, the intestines of lemons contain a significant amount of citric acid (approx. 8% dry weight) so it is very effective in preventing cough and hoarseness.

However, Dr. Bui Van Phao recommends: for those who have had a severe cough, cough due to bacterial and bacterial infections, lemon alone is not effective, but needs to be treated with an antibiotic regimen. Especially when using lemon, you should pay attention when having bowel movements, and avoid using it. Lemon stimulates the secretion of new fluid, so it can make abdominal pain and diarrhea worse. The abuse of lemon soaked in honey to treat cough also harms the digestive tract.

Should i soak peach lemons with rock sugar?

Peach lemon

How to choose a delicious peach lemon:

Dr. Bui Van Phao said, we should buy the best peaches in September and October, when the peaches are in the main season, the price is not only cheaper but the quality is also higher, the lemons are bigger and more beautiful. much more than at the beginning of the season. Do not buy lemons at the end of the season, then the price of lemons will be more expensive and the quality will be worse.

When choosing, you should choose ripe peaches, thin skins, yellowish colors and must be very fresh, containing a lot of essential oils in the peel. Normally, the flesh of a peach must be peach-pink, but there are also some fruits that are saffron-yellow. We should choose peaches depending on the purpose of use.

If you choose to buy lemons and peaches to soak in honey, soak in salt (soak the whole fruit) as a medicine for respiratory diseases, you should choose fresh, old lemons with smooth peel, when cut out, you can see the red flesh of peaches, the size is about the same size. 20 fruits/kg. Note, do not choose lemons that are too big, because lemons are often most precious in the essential oils in lemon peels and seeds to treat respiratory diseases.

Ingredients to soak peach lemon with honey:

– 1kg of peaches, choose slightly old fruits, glossy lemon peel, pink flesh, choose fresh, ripe, thin-skinned fruits

– 1 liter of wild honey

– 0.8kg of rock sugar

– Glass bottle

– Compression blister with bamboo slats

Should i soak peach lemons with rock sugar?

Crushed rock sugar, pour a layer of sugar into the jar, to a layer of lemon, 1 layer of sugar, 1 layer of lemon.

How to soak lemon peach honey:

Step 1: Wash the lemon, mix a little salt with boiling water to cool, soak for 30 minutes and then take out the lemon to dry. If it is not dry enough, take a clean, dry towel and wipe each lemon thoroughly. Note that when making, hands, cutting boards, knives must be very dry, not sticky with water. Cut the lemon into thin slices, soak the seeds as well.

Step 2: Crush alum sugar, pour a layer of sugar into the jar, to a layer of lemon, 1 layer of sugar, 1 layer of lemon. Keep doing this until you run out of lemons. Except for the big sugar cubes for the top.

Step 3: Finally pour in honey, squeeze the lemon into the blister, close the lid, let it be used for about 3 months.

Note: The first time you soak it, you should check it regularly, if it’s bubbling after a few days, skim it off. Do not let the lemon float out of the blister because it will easily become moldy and scum. Should soak lemons as long as possible, at first, fresh lemons will taste a bit bitter, but after a long time, peach lemons are eaten like apricots, both good for the throat and promoting health.

Should i soak peach lemons with rock sugar?

Pour honey into the peach lemon

Finished Product Requirements:

– Lemon peach honey has the aroma of ginger, honey, moderate sour taste, not harsh, not bitter.

– The solution is only slightly viscous, clear yellow, not foamy

– After soaking at normal temperature, until the sugar dissolves, the lemon pieces will not be able to sink anymore, we can store them in the refrigerator and use them gradually.

Should i soak peach lemons with rock sugar?

Honeydew lemon has the aroma of ginger, honey, moderate sourness, not harsh, not bitter.


– After the lemon has absorbed the honey, the rock sugar dissolves completely, the jar can be kept for adult use. If you want to use it for children, you can take out the lemon, squeeze the seeds through a sieve, then put it in a blender to puree the lemon, then mix it with the resulting solution into a paste.

– Lemon honey can be used for children from 1 year old to prevent or treat cough due to cold infection. If you have room, you can give your child 1-2 warmed teaspoons every morning. When the child has a cough due to a cold infection, it can be used 3-4 times a day, each time 1-2 warm spoons.

Adults can also take it daily or when coughing with a dose of about 3-4 teaspoons each time.

This is a valuable remedy, handed down in folklore, which can cure diseases such as cough, sore throat… effective not only for children but also for adults. Lemon peach season has come, let’s immediately soak a bottle of syrup for the whole family to use.

In order to get the best quality honey and honey lemon jar, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Unlike regular lemons, where we often use water, with peach lemons we mainly use the essential oil in the peel. So instead of choosing lemons with thin, juicy skins (those contain a lot of water), we should look for thick, rough-skinned ones. Also, you should not choose large fruits, large fruits also contain a lot of water, it is best to choose a moderate size fruit.

– After buying lemons, you should try to soak them as soon as possible, if left for a long time, the lemon peel will wilt, which means that the amount of essential oil is also lost a lot, when soaking, the cough treatment effect is also worse. Therefore, it is imperative to choose to buy lemons as fresh as possible. You can also make a deposit with the seller so that on the appointed date, they will pick a new lemon to deliver to you.

Should i soak peach lemons with rock sugar?

– The most ideal time to buy lemons is when lemons are in the right season. The lemon-peach season is usually very short, lasting just over a month, so you should pay attention to the time to choose a delicious lemon. Lemons at the beginning of the season are often too young, the skin is green, the intestines have not yet ripened peach pink. At the end of the season, the lemon is overripe, the lemon peel has turned yellow, so the amount of essential oil is also significantly reduced. The right purchase of lemons is when the lemon peel is still green, sometimes turning yellow or pink, split the lemon, inside the peach-colored intestine is the most suitable lemon.

Ingredients for pickled lemon peach include:

+ 1kg of peach lemon + 1 liter of honey

+ 700-800g rock sugar


– Lemon peaches, you wash them with dilute salt water, remove the lemons from the basket and wait for the lemons to dry completely or use a clean towel to dry each lemon.

– Alum sugar is pounded or crushed with a pestle. Currently on the market for sale Sugars Refined, pea-sized pellets, very convenient to use.

Should i soak peach lemons with rock sugar?

If sliced, lemons can be used after about 3 months, while lemons soaked in whole or halved will have to wait from 6 months to 1 year. So depending on the purpose of use, you can choose to soak lemons whole, halved or sliced.

– Prepare a glass jar, rinse with boiling water, let dry. Place a layer of peach lemon in the jar and then spread a layer of rock sugar on top, in turn like that until the end. Use a blister or a clean bamboo stick to fasten the mouth of the jar. You can also use a ziplock bag for water, which is carefully wrapped with many layers of bags or dishes, some heavy object to insert to prevent the lemon from floating, causing rot or damage.

Should i soak peach lemons with rock sugar?

– Pour honey into the jar, note that the honey should not be poured too full, need to keep a distance of 2-4cm from the lid so that the lemon has air, which is convenient for the fermentation process. In the first few days, the lemon will be foamy, that is a completely normal phenomenon. If you see a lemon scum, don’t worry too much, you just need to use a clean spoon to remove the scum, after a while the phenomenon will disappear.

– Usually Peach lemon syrup When freshly soaked, it will be diluted, light yellow in color, sour and bitter, very difficult to drink. However, the longer it is soaked, the bitter and sour taste will completely disappear. Instead, the lemon water will turn amber, wavy, sweet, and very easy to drink. This is the syrup lemon peach honey rock sugar I soaked for 4 years.

Should i soak peach lemons with rock sugar?

– The lemon peel after soaking will shrivel, darken, eat like apricot and the taste of the tongue. As soon as I feel my throat is a bit sore, I immediately suck on a piece of lemon peel, then slowly chew and swallow, take about 3 pieces like that, overnight my throat will return to normal.With the criterion that prevention is better than cure, I usually give children 1 teaspoon in the evening (before brushing their teeth to go to bed), especially in the cold winter or when the weather changes, children easily cough and get sick. fever…to strengthen the body’s resistance.

Should i soak peach lemons with rock sugar?

Peach lemon soaked in honey with alum sugar also proves to be especially useful in helping to purify the body, by every morning, after waking up, you drink a glass of warm water mixed with lemon syrup will see your body drilling. happy, healthy, less cough. However, this syrup is only really effective for early cases of cough, and when the cough has turned worse, with sputum, it is best to go to the doctor and take medicine according to the doctor’s prescription to avoid this situation. prolonged illness.

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