Are you looking for a meal plan and don’t know what to eat for dinner to lose weight and reduce belly fat effectively while still ensuring the nutrition provided to the body? To better understand the secret of evening eating for people to lose weight, please read the following article carefully!

According to health experts, to lose weight effectively, you need to participate in scientific, regular exercise and have a reasonable diet. The diet menu of people who lose weight should be carefully calculated and properly divided between meals. So you know, what to eat for dinner to lose weight Most effective for you? If not, let’s go to Thien Truong Sport to find out the following article to know what to eat in the evening to lose weight effectively and safely. Come on, let’s start with us!

1. Principles of dinner to lose weight, effectively reduce fat.

In fact, the dishes at dinner are often part of the cause of belly fat, the fastest weight gain for both men and women. This can explain that in the evening after eating, people are very inactive, so the ability to accumulate excess fat is very high. Therefore, for people who lose weight, the dinner menu is very important in helping them lose weight and reduce belly fat effectively.

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Many people have chosen to fast for dinner to lose weight. However, fasting for dinner is very dangerous, because it will directly affect human health and can cause a drop in blood pressure at night, which is extremely dangerous. Therefore, you must not fast in the evening, even if you are trying to lose weight quickly. According to experts, to lose weight effectively, you should eat the following foods in the evening and perform a healthy, scientific exercise regimen for yourself. Here are the foods that you should eat at night:

1.1. Dinner should be high in fiber to lose weight.

Foods high in fiber will create a feeling of fullness for a long time, helping you not to crave other junk food. Moreover, in fiber contains few calories, enabling you to lose weight effectively. The foods high in fiber are vegetables, beans, cabbage… New dinner with mixed salad, or a plate of boiled vegetables will make you full for a healthy evening.

Eating boiled vegetables in the evening helps to lose weight

1.2. Provides protein from lean meat.

Protein content in lean meat ensures a healthy body and nourishes the best muscles. The dishes made from lean meat will help the body not to accumulate excess fat and the body will still be full of nutrients, without lack of nutrients. For dinner to lose weight, don’t forget chicken breast or lean pork. This low fat and low calorie food will ensure your weight is not increased but can be reduced quite effectively.

1.3. Limit starch intake.

Starch is a great source of calories. To lose weight and reduce belly fat, you should limit your starchy foods, especially in the evening. Because, after dinner, most of us are sedentary, eating a lot of starch will create conditions for fat to accumulate and cause belly fat. A quality dinner for people who lose weight should cut down on carbs, and instead have more green vegetables and fruits.

Limit eating starch in the evening

1.4. Use less fat and sugar in the evening.

Even if you lose weight, you still need to ensure the amount of fat and sugar in your body, to help your body stay healthy and increase resistance and the best immune system. However, for fat people, the amount of fat and sugar should be about 15-25 grams, accounting for 30-35% of the body’s calories.

1.5. Drink enough water.

Besides what to eat for dinner to lose weight, you should drink more water to lose weight effectively. Drinking enough water not only increases metabolism, helps the body to function well, but it also helps you avoid hunger, limit overeating, help limit weight gain and lose weight, reduce belly fat. effective. You should drink a glass of water before eating to create a feeling of bravery and not eat much.

Drinking water at night helps to lose weight

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2. What to eat for dinner to lose weight, reduce belly fat.

Above are the principles to help you answer the question: What to eat at night to lose weight. Next, we will suggest some dinner foods for you to quickly get in shape.

2.1. Egg.

Each egg contains only about 78 calories but contains a lot of nutrients, including protein. This makes you feel full faster, reducing cravings.

In addition, chicken eggs also contain essential amino acids for the body’s needs to enhance metabolism. This process creates a thermogenic effect that burns more calories.

2.2. Squash.

Winter melon provides the body with many essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins, etc. to support the immune system to function better.

Not only that, zucchini also has the ability to speed up metabolism. From there, fat is converted into energy released from the body. Some studies also show that squash helps to consume excess water in the body, supporting effective fat loss.

2.3. Broccoli.

Broccoli contains a lot of fiber, vitamin C, minerals, so it is very beneficial for reducing appetite, beautifying the skin … Not only that, they also contain few calories (104g of broccoli only provides 50 calories). .

What to eat at night to lose weight? Surely cauliflower sauteed beef with olive oil is a great suggestion for you.

Cauliflower supports effective weight loss

2.4. Tomato.

Tomatoes are one of the foods that contain very few calories, are rich in nutritious fiber, and are rich in vitamins. This helps you feel full faster after eating.

In addition, eating tomatoes in the evening also helps to improve metabolism and burn a lot of excess energy. Therefore, it will support effective weight loss.

2.5. Banana.

Bananas have become a well-known weight loss method because they are high in fiber, rich in nutrients, but very low in calories. Therefore, when you eat bananas at dinner, you will be full for a long time, not wanting to eat anymore.

In addition, in bananas there are resistant starch, preventing the body from absorbing auto-generated starches and releasing excess fat. From there, it helps to lose weight quickly.

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2.6. Apple.

Apples contain a lot of water, fiber, vitamins that are very good for health. When you eat apples for dinner, you will be full quickly, not wanting to eat more. Thereby limiting the intake of extra energy that exceeds the body’s needs.

Besides, eating apples regularly will help the digestive system work better, burn fat and metabolize energy faster. Therefore, what to eat at night to lose weight should not ignore apples!

Eating apples supports weight loss

2.7. Grapefruit.

Grapefruit contains a large amount of vitamin C. This active ingredient has the effect of supporting the burning of excess fat and suppressing appetite extremely effectively.

On the other hand, micro-minerals in grapefruit will help the body limit the absorption of starch, stimulate energy metabolism. Thereby preventing the accumulation of excess fat, supporting weight loss.

What to eat in the evening to lose weight should definitely not skip grapefruit. However, it is necessary to avoid eating on an empty stomach to avoid stomach damage.

3. Dinner menu for people to lose weight in 1 week.

With the foods that should be eaten at dinner to lose weight above, you can build a list of the most detailed and specific dinner menu for yourself. Below is Thien Truong Sport’s effective 1-week weight loss dinner menu and we will share it with you. Specifically:

2nd menu: 1 plate of boiled chayote + 1 cup of brown rice + 1 cup of unsweetened fresh milk.

3rd menu: 1 steamed chicken breast with salt and pepper + 1 plate of boiled cauliflower + 1 cup of unsweetened cereal.

4th menu: Boiled sweet potato + salad plate + 1 watermelon smoothie.

5th menu: 1 boiled corn + 1 piece of boiled pork + 1 glass of yogurt.

6th menu: 1 cup of small rice + boiled squash + stir-fried beef with pineapple.

7th menu: 1 cup mushroom soup with corn + 1 sweet potato + 1 pineapple juice.

Sunday menu: 1 plate of boiled vegetables + 1 piece of steamed fish + a few pieces of grapefruit.

Follow this weight loss menu for 1 week, combined with a scientific exercise regimen, you will surely lose a lot of weight and very safely.

Dinner menu for people to lose weight in 1 week

4. Is eating late at night good for people to lose weight?

To answer this question, you need to remember the principle of weight loss: The calories you take in are less than the calories you burn.

At night, the body still expends energy but not as much as when you are active all day. So, it doesn’t matter when you eat, it matters what and how much you eat. If you do not eat more than the amount of calories your body needs and are active enough to release the energy, the weight will remain at a stable level.

In the late-night meal, do not eat sweets to avoid loading too many calories, losing weight is not effective.

5. Foods to avoid during dinner.

In addition to the foods to eat that we share above, in the evening you need to limit these foods below to sleep better:

5.1. Oily food.

Eating too much oil and fat in the evening often causes indigestion, bloating, increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, etc. If you regularly eat these dishes, you should change to healthy foods. for the body and digestive system to work gently, improving overall health.

5.2. Hot spicy food.

Dishes containing a lot of pepper, garlic, ginger, chili… often stimulate the taste buds, but at the same time it can cause stomach pain, stomach ulcers, constipation, trouble sleeping, heart palpitations. fast… Therefore, you need to limit hot spicy foods to better protect your health.

5.3. Leftovers from the previous meal.

Many people often have the habit of using leftovers from the previous meal for the next day. However, even when food is stored in the refrigerator and brought out to reheat, it will still produce many other toxins, even carcinogens.

Note: It is necessary to limit eating processed foods that are stored in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours, including seafood and other protein-rich foods. Therefore, it is better to consider using enough food and consuming it all, avoiding waste and affecting health.

5.4. Sweets, carbonated water.

Similar to alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and sweet foods are all foods that should be avoided in the evening. They can cause digestive problems such as indigestion, acid reflux, and sudden spikes in blood sugar levels, making it difficult for you to sleep.

5.5. Red meats.

Red meat group is often rich in fat and protein, so if you consume too much at dinner, it will make the digestive system work harder, easily causing digestive disorders as well as affecting sleep quality. .

Foods to avoid at dinner.

6. Notes when having dinner.

To have healthy dinnerWith enough quality and necessary calories, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Suitable time to have dinner: The best time to eat dinner is around 6 o’clock, avoid going to bed 4 hours after eating. According to research by scientists, reducing the amount of food at dinner will help improve sleep quality.
  • Do not eat dinner too late: This will cause toxic wastes in the kidneys and urethra because nocturnal urination is not done in a timely manner, which increases the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract stones for a long time.
  • Do not eat too full: If you eat a large amount of food, it will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, thereby causing insomnia and insomnia. This long-term condition increases the risk of nervous breakdown, affecting the biological clock. This also prolongs the residence time of toxic substances in the intestine, leading to colon cancer.
  • Do not fast at night: After a day of activity, the body needs to be replenished with energy to restore and regenerate cell activity. So having dinner is a “mandatory” duty. Skipping dinner makes you face low blood sugar, fatigue or increased digestive problems, weight.

7. Conclusion.

So, what to eat for dinner to lose weight has been specifically presented above by Thien Truong Sport. Those who are looking to lose weight, lose belly fat should follow this diet to achieve the best weight loss effect. The scientific and smart way to lose weight is to provide adequate nutrition for the body, absolutely do not fast or completely cut out the nutritional components mentioned above. Wishing you success in losing weight but still ensuring your body’s health. Hello and see you in our next topics !

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